Mixed salad.

Cucumber, tomato, lettuce, onion, olives and corn.

Caesar salad.

Lettuce, breaded chicken, croutons, anchovies, Parmesan and Caesar dressing.

Rubi salad.

Tomato, Lettuce Hearts, smoked salmon and anchovies.

Ensalada Capresse.

Tomato, basil and mozzarella.

Cheese salad and nuts.

Goat cheese, pinions, nuts, raisins, fried corn, pumpkin seeds, soybean oil and honey.

warm salad.

Prawns, soya, cherry tomato and lettuce.

healthy salads.

natural soups.

Soup of the day.

Seafood cream.

Andalusian gazpacho with garnish.

Porra / Salmorejo.

Tuna and mayonnaise sandwich.

Cheddar cheese sandwich.

Sandwich with prawn cocktail sauce.

Sandwich de pollo Studs (with choice of sauce).

Sausage sandwich with fried onions.

our sandwiches.



Steamed mussels

Prawns Pilpil

grilled shrimp

Prawn cocktail

Octopus in Galician style

Carabiner grilled No. 0.

Aubergines with honey.

Melon with ham.

Rubi croquettes chicken or ham.

Mushrooms filled roquefort.

Tigueros asparagus plate with ham and poached egg.

our paellas.

Mixed paella.

Meat and fish.

Paella meat.
Seafood paella.

Mussels, clams, Gambon, squid and cigales.

soupy rice sailor.

With vegetables, clams octopus, rape y rosada.


With boletus, Ideiazabal cheese, parmessano, mushrooms and foie.

Chef´s suggestions.

Smoked salmon with capers and gherkins.

Cuttlefish stew with potatoes and baby broad.

Tuna tartare.

Letter meat.

Meat with vegetables and potatoes.

1/2 grilled chicken.

Pork tenderloins.


Skewered chicken.

Escalope de pollo.

Chicken curry.

Knuckle´s lamb (500 grs).

Pork chop.

Black Angus beef burger (200 grams).

burger 1/4 pound of beef with potatoes.

Pork tenderloin grilled.

Pork barbecue ribs (600 grams).

Grilled chicken.

Lamb Chops.

Irish entrecote steak with baked potato (300 grams).

Beef tenderloin (250 grams).

T-Bone (500 grams).

our grill.